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Fairbairn Cup 2015

2nd men's VIII (Senior VIIIs)

Coxed by: Lydia Bass

2nd M2
Time: 15:28.2
We had our first outing the Sunday before the race, in heavy wind, and it was awful. Fairbairns promised to be a miserable 17 minutes of soggy rowing. The crew's second outing, on the Wednesday, was apparently somewhat better (including a 5k 2k), but at this point there was little confidence in having a good row.

As it happened, it was decent! We got to the boathouse and decided there was little point in being conservative. We'd try and set up a rhythm and then give as much as we could in that. The start was a little bit scrappy, but we settled onto a good rate (somewhere in the 30-32 region). Then we had the call to finish square, and actually executed it. This improved the rowing immeasurably. I think the application of power round the back end (we were racing, after all) helped bring the finishes 'together'.

At this point, there was enough experience in the boat to know that with this platform, we could work, and so we did. The finishes were lost at points, but having remembered once we were always able to recover. Although the power dropped through the race, this wasn't substantial, and we had a committed lift to the finish.

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