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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2015

1st men's novice VIII (Cup)

Coxed by: Juliet Armstrong

2nd round
Beat Clare by 2 lengths
A strong start for NM1 in Clare Novices regatta. Although the rowing wasn't as clean as later in the day, we moved on clare pretty quickly. After striding it out several times in the second half of the race we won by 2 lengths (Jake Rowe)
Quarter finals
beat Catz by 2 lengths
Absolutely awesome, best race of the day in my opinion. Both crews had good starts, with Catz pulling away slightly in the first 100m. But we remained faithful to our strong rythmn, and rowed long into the headwind. Slowly eating away at the Catz lead, we came back to terms and began to move through them. Catz stern three lost their timing, and we rapidly moved up to a length, moving out to two lengths pretty soon after. A solid win, and a great race. (Jake Rowe)
Semi finals
Beat Wolfson by 2 lengths
After the big change we made for the last race, we were looking forward to getting onto a strong rythmn early in the race. Wolfson were not as strong as Catz had been, so we moved throught them very quickly. Stride stride stride; win. (Jake Rowe)
Lost to Fitz by 1 1/2 lengths
Another great race where we settled onto a strong rythmn. Unfortunately, Fitz had been rowing in their crew for 3 more weeks than us so had more speed than us, although I would say the rowing in our boat was technically cleaner. Both crews got off to a strong start, but Fitz slowly built up a margin on us. Despite several big pushes, they held us, the moved up to 3/4 length lead by the railway bridge. We kept pushing right to the line, but at the end of a long day of racing, we didn't have the legs to take back the distance. Another solid row and a fantastic result - lots more speed to come in the week before Fairbairns. (Jake Rowe)

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