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Head of the Nene, Lent Term 2015

1st men's VIII (IM2 VIIIs)

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Time: 17:07
I can't match John's report - although I will echo the thanks to Neil, and extend them to Rob Stroud, who subbed into M1 with approximately an hour's notice.

This was a reasonably solid row, aiming to consolidate on a number of changes the crew had made over the last couple of weeks in a long, high-ish rate piece. We held 34 down the course, and had the added interest of coming up sharply on a Cantab's VIII in the later stages of the race. The race plan was to focus on the back and front ends in successive 2 minute focuses down the course, and I think this was reasonably effective. We struggled a little in the penultimate kilometre as we hit some wash, and some slightly disturbing noises from the 2 seat in the second half suggested that Alex *may* have been having some forearm/wrist issues.

Kudos to M2 for being so close - I think the difference in crew average 2k suggests this was a massive result for them! Conversation in the car afterwards with Neil indicates that M2 are getting their legs down, which I think is the next big change to come for us. More speed to come.

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