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Lent Bumps 2015

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Seema Syeda
Coached by: Preeyan Parmar

Bumped by St. Edmund's
We were very nervous as we waited for the cannon to fire. Many in the crew were racing bumps for the first time and as such, had little idea of what to expect.
The race started quite well, as we initially pulled away from St. Edmunds.  We held them off until the Motorway bridge, at which point, St. Edmunds suddenly made a move and started gaining on us rapidly. All the crew can remember from this point onwards is them coming closer and closer, though apparently, we held them off again at a distance of 3 feet.  After that, St. Edmunds started overlapping, leading to a bump about 900m from the start.
Although this was clearly a disappointing start to bumps, we are looking forward to the next few days. (Amalie and Eduarda)
Bumped by Clare II
Panicked and frantic.

Tomorrow we will be calmer. This will be achieved by:
- having full crew;
- winding to rather less than 40, and putting our blades in the wet stuff;
- the sky not raining spitefully at us;
- the cannons being an order of magnitude quieter (according to the inverse-square law);
- coach actually being present on the row up, having not destroyed Rebecca's bike on the ascent of Emmanuel footbridge;
- stroke remembering to wear her gold socks.
Bumped by Wolfson
A good start with an effective rhythm call down to 32. Got panicked when the move was called, bumped after first post corner.   (Seema Syeda)
Initially felt quite good, although we rated higher than the initial plan was. There was little response to moves / the three bumps pushes in terms of boat speed, although I think that was more a case of panic leading to inefficient work. Didn't manage to find new gears to push Wolfson off. (F.R. Barber)
Bumped by Queens' II
Super happy because we're now finished wahey. We weren't to panicked during the race unlike the other day and we held it together at a lower rate so yay.. Actually had some good pushes where we were able to hold Queens' away a little and even though we got bumped kinda quick we all finished with a SMILE on our faces 'cause were the best x


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