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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2014

2nd women's novice VIII (Plate)

2nd women's novice VIII
in Peter Brandt
bow Olivia Lyster 2 Unknown
3 Unknown 4 Unknown
5 Basha Kovacova 6 Unknown
7 Unknown str Stella Lau

Coxed by: John Grenfell-Shaw

Quarter finals
This was among the easier races of the day. We kept our eyes in the boat and didn't even glance at the opposition. A decent start gave us a start's distance worth of lead, which was followed by a reasonable surge onto race rate. After a handful of strokes it became clear our opposition weren't going to catch us so we continually surged until towards the end we even introduced some pausing as a technical focus, demonstrating how far ahead we were by that stage. (John)
Semi finals
Beat Christ's
Our first real race. A hurried but generally decent start (both for power and technique) put me on Christ's 3 girl (along with a handful of blade clashes which were probably shared responsibility - sorry...), and continued energetic and sharp rowing put me past their bows, where we stayed for the rest of the race. The effort stayed in the boat for the duration of the race, but as people got tired the technical aspect begin to depart and the boat speed came off slightly. We held it together enough that we continued to push off Christ's all the way to the finish line, demonstrating the work and focus we've tried to keep this term.

Our thanks to Olivia and Merodie for subbing in today!
Lost to Jesus
In my opinion we had one of our best starts of the day, putting us broadly level with Jesus (perhaps a seat or two down), followed by some excellent technical rowing at high rate. Sadly we caught an overhead crab shortly afterwards, giving Jesus a length or so of clear water but after we got the blades back in everyone in the crew showed what they were made of and promptly started pushing enough to claw back a bit of distance on Jesus. Sadly it wasn't quite enough and Jesus did a good job of responding to our push, ending with clear water. Despite that, it was a very brave race and I was impressed by the determination in the boat. Very encouraging for Fairbairns on Thursday! (John)

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