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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2014

1st women's novice VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Liv Godwin

Fastest Women's Crew, 15th Overall!
Time: 11:02.7
We were so eager to go, all of us champing at the bit, still high on the adrenaline from Clare novices,  keen to convert our try (yes, I know my metaphors are all over the place ^^), and prove we were indeed the best women novices on the water.  
Listening to Neil's advice, we attacked the race with the aim of sustaining a good 30spm. This was a bit higher than what we had previously envisioned, but given the quality of the opposition, we agreed that we would need to step up our game. And step it up we did, 32 on average. We went there knowing that it would be crucial to stay composed and stay together, even at high rate, and even when tired. According to the fierce "yeaaaaaaaahs" coming from the bank party (to be honest I didn't hear much more than that, and "sit up tall"), we looked good!
Overall, it went by really fast, but contrary to Emma sprints or Clare novices, with more than 2k, you have time to think about several technical points that need to be corrected, so that we can do even better next time (which turns out to be... today!)
(Zoe W.)
It was a long race, but went by surprisingly quickly.
Specific memories from during the race:
Getting the shivers just before the start (must have been the adrenaline)
Outside one of the boathouses was someone taking a photo. Saying to myself 'look composed, look composed'
The most massive bank party
Hearing rather a lot of squealing brakes as the entire bank party attempted to brake on the bridge
'Yeah girls'
Fluffing a stroke and pulling a face I'm glad nobody saw
Liv shouting 'Do it for Penny!'
Being told we were gaining on Christs
Final push on the reach
Crossing the line and finally being able to look over and see Christs directly next to us
Having to keep rowing away from the finish
Pulling in and getting out and eating Minstrels and hugging each other
Liv casually mentioning we were rating 32 (32!) for most of the race
Walking back up the course to watch NW2 row
Running alongside NW2 with an even bigger bank party
Yelling myself hoarse (again)
Paddling back in style
Gliding past crews on the way back at rate 16
The entire bank party yelling at Fordy
Liv subsequently not listening the the bank party at all
A beautiful corner steered by Liv
Back to the boat house and that was that


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