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Fairbairn Cup 2014

1st men's novice VIII (Lower VIIIs)

1st men's novice VIII
bow Neil Ibata 2 P. Bradbury
3 Unknown 4 Duncan Barber
5 Connor Mui 6 Shahid Wahab
7 Jake Rowe str Tom King

Coxed by: Harry Stockwell

Fastest "M3"
Time: 16:21.3
I'm writing this race report more than a year on, and I realise that some of the finer details of the race will be absent from it.

After the frustration of the day before, we determined to have a great row to prove what we were capable of and what we had succeeded in developing all term as a crew. And unlike the previous day, our boat was sat, our rhythm was good and effective, the power was always there and everything was just as clean as it needed to be. We rated in the low 30s and gained on the crews in front of us. We even overtook an absolutely dire Sidney Sussex crew (starting four places in front of us) in the gut, and subsequently contributed to their entanglement with the bank after their cox refused to concede the racing line... ...oops.

We finished ahead of some M1s and many M2s and basically had the row that we knew that we could have had in Novice Fairbairns, except better, and returned, paddling at a really relaxed rate 14/15 to the boathouse, buoyed with high spirits at putting out a time which we knew finally reflected the quality of the crew.
(Neil I.)

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