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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2013

A timed head race from The Plough to Peter's Post.
Fri 8th February

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2nd men's VIII, 1st division

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3rd men's VIII, 1st division

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1st women's VIII, 1st division

Fastest women's VIII; 12th overall
Time: 5:43
The conditions for this race were typical Lent term. Not miserable, but not great. A bit of wind, a bit of rain, a bit of carnage marshalling. We were confused by the lack of finishing crews as we all attempted to slot ourselves into spots along the meadows after Chesterton, but were quickly allowed to progress up the reach.

The strategy of marshalling in reverse order with a range of boats from very disparate bumps divisions caused some amusement and a chance for some pausing on the reach. There was a lot of shuffling of blades on the water and coxes leaning out to try to inform their crews of the offending boat.

We were hesitant about spinning in the gut, but seeing that Clare Hall, Emma M2 and our M2 hadn't totalled their boats, we proceeded and were saved the energy-sapping row up to the lock.

De-kitting seems to be a perennial trial for this crew, but I believe everyone was appropriately attired by the time we wound to our race rate. It's a difficult race to judge, and just doesn't seem right without a Plough Reach Burn, but I believe we hit something reasonably chunky on the reach and ground through the metres. Yining's bridge call was, as ever, effective and we held it together until the finish line.

I would have liked a bit more send, a bit more flow and a better platform, but whatever we did was successful, so I guess I just have to remember that women's rowing is no longer about style, but grunt and guts.

P.S. To the Emma M2 cox, sorry about embarrassing you in front of your crew. Yining just meant she was really grateful that you weren't sitting on our stern before the race as what was going on in front of us was stressful enough! I don't think she'll actually be asking you out anytime soon. (Julia A.)
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5th men's VIII, 1st division

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4th men's VIII, 1st division

Fastest 4th VIII; 23rd overall
Time: 6:15
The official results report: "26s penalty Gobby 7-man". (James Scott-Brown)
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