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Lent Term 2013

4th men's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (3rd Mays)

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Newnham Short Course (Lower VIIIs)

11th lower VIII; fastest M4
Time: 8:24
We had a plan to chain at 28, a reasonable plan for an M4. Turns out we don't like 28, we much prefer short slide 32 instead. A really committed race in parts, as the result shows (11th M3/M4/M5). Well steered by Catarina for her first time taking the Bumps Line at rate - not even close to crashing! With a bit of technical work we'll be able to move the boat far more efficiently, and hopefully retake our permanent position in Lents. (Thornton)
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Robinson Head (1st division)

Fastest 4th VIII; 23rd overall
Time: 6:15
The official results report: "26s penalty Gobby 7-man". (James Scott-Brown)
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Pembroke Regatta (3rd division)

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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race

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Lent Bumps

Bumped by St. Catharine's III
A solid row under pressure from a faster crew. A fairly scrappy start saw St Catz pulling up to a length by the railway bridge but I was excited to see them more or less sticking there for another 20 strokes in the face of our valiant pushes. Catz closed in rather quickly afterwards and 5 strokes of marginal overlap later their bowball tapped our stern.

Now that the jitters from inevitable first-day nerves is out of the way, a clearer and more structured race plan should prove promising for tomorrow - good luck, boys! (Yining)
Going into this race knowing that Catz M3 had beaten us by 15 seconds in Newnham Short Course, and that Clare M3 ahead of us were likely to get an early bump, it was obvious that we would have to row very well to evade a bump from Catz. Unfortunately a poor start allowed Catz to close much of the gap very quickly, and although we held them off for quite a while I don't think we ever managed to settle into a solid rhythm. Despite our efforts, they eventually managed to get some overlap, and about 8 strokes later they got the bump. A disappointing start to our bumps campaign, but Catz were a fast crew and probably deserved the bump. Having said this, I'm still very confident that we can get a bump or two later in the week as the slower crews in the division move down. (Andrew)
Rowed over
After having been bumped by Catz the previous day we were eager to do better. It was remarkably nice weather, the first time any of us had rowed in both warmth and the sun - hopefully not the last!

We had Sidney M2 chasing us, and while their boat number was a bit ominous, we knew we had posted a much better time than them in the getting on race. Catz were ahead of us, but we knew that realistically we didn't have much chance of bumping them so our aim was to row over and polish our technique.

Our start was significantly better although both Tobi and I came out of our foot straps at one point. It was our first row over, so despite doing my best to concentrate on rowing, the carnage on the banks around us was quite distracting, in particular one boat which had mounted the bank. We gained a considerable distance on Sidney though unfortunately Catz had bumped meaning so we were able to row over without complete exhaustion.

Surprisingly enough, Igor was not late, while Stan only gave 5 and 6 a light shower of cam water.

M4 now has a rubber duck. Quack. (Tom)
Rowed over
So gutting. This was the last day that out crew would all be rowing together and our best chance of bumping someone. We were chasing Magdalene III who were on target for spoons as well as having had posted a time significantly slower than us in another race. As a result there as almost a sense of expectation that we would bump.

Our start was as scrappy as usual but we apparently started to make some distance on them until everyone screamed to hold it up. Half of us thought we had bumped and celebrated, but the rest of us knew better. Apparently there had been not one, but two ejector crabs ahead of us. Two! And I still haven't seen one! Sidney had better eject tomorrow...

In any case the umpires decided to restart our half of the division. Again, our start was average, but we succeeded in getting the long whistle just before ditton. We all pushed, I blew up and they somehow got away. Someway up the reach we again got the whistle and pushed hard. And I blew up. Again. It turns out that we had been less than a quarter length from Magdalene for a considerable number of strokes until the finish.

I have to say that it was one of the most painful experiences I've ever had and exhausted me for the rest of the day. I'm pretty sure we're all out to (finally) bump on the last day, though our chances will be a bit more slim.

This time it was Catarina who was late, while Stan out-classed us all by wearing some incredibly stylish google sunglasses.

Good work Stan. (Tom)
This was a committed effort from everyone in the crew. Magdalene got off to the better start and it took a while to get back on station. However, once the two crews came around Grassy, M4 slowly started to munch up the ground on Magdalene. They continued to gain ground right to the line but the finish came just too soon for the bump.

Due to the rerow, the course was quite a few hundred meters shorter and if it wasn't for this they would have probably bumped today.

You have one more chance to get your first bump boys and barring any more ejectors from Churchill it is well within your capability come Saturday! (Douglad)
Our bank party was really great, thanks guys! (Artur)
Bumped Magdalene III
Yes, boys! A bump three days in the making but you did it - well done! (Yining)
After the previous days close miss we were very determined to bump Magdalene and get our first success.

I'll admit I don't remember much of the race owing to the fact I was concentrating on not being mentioned on Cam Fm as the 'slouching 6' again. This meant that the only thing I ever saw was the strap of Thornton's cap...

We succeeded in getting several whistles going round grassy and then a final burst just before ditton. Almost immediately there was a big jolt and cheering. It turns out we'd had a substantial overlap for a considerable while but the Magdalene cox had refused to concede, meaning that Andrew(2) ended up hitting her in the back with his blade. She was pretty quick to concede after that.

We completely forgot that there were boats approaching us, but we got out of the way at the last minute, unlike Magdalene, who forgot to steer and ended up crumpling their bow into the bank.

Dressed in the traditional greenery and less traditional garish sunglasses we rowed back very happily, and upon arriving at the boathouse threw Catarina (cox) into the Cam. Unfortunately I was pushed in as well, meaning that after Catarina stole my dry clothes, I was forced to pad home in lycra, soaking wet in temperatures of 2C. (Tom)
A single word is too long - maximum length 58 characters - last bit is so-much-overlap-their-7-man's-blade-got-fully-stuck-under-our-bow (Thornton)
After a long race on Thursday which saw the boys finish just 1/4 length off Magdalene, I was confident that the bump was on. The race looked like it was going to go to the wire again but a great Plough Reach saw the distance between the two crews torn up and the bump happened finally happened on Ditton around 100m before the finish.

This has been a bumps to be proud of! A great success just to get back-on, even better to record your first ever bump! (Douglad)
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