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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2012

1st men's VIII (Student Senior VIIIs)

Coxed by: Michael Thornton

9th of 24 M Student Senior VIIIs
Time: 8:51:00
Including only Cambridge College eights, we came seventh (eighth including Peterhouse who had entered IM3). Some have claimed that poor weather conditions in our division (rain, wind) could have adversely affected out results.

Overall the race felt pretty solid and provided a platform to improve upon for Fairbairns. (Tim)
A solid performance with a particularly gutsy 1st minute, and stoic push after push up the reach into the head wind. Even with potentially adverse weather conditions, the dominant inter-division variation was one of stream. An upstream lock was open for some divisions, then closed for the rest. All we care about from the results is that, in our division, we were 6 seconds off Downing. That's 6 seconds we certainly intend to take back by Fairbiarn's. If we can paddle away from them, we can certainly race right through them. (Thornton)

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