The Club's Results

OMM (Original Mountain Marathon), Mich Term 2012

Black Prince 2- ('A' class)

Coxless pairs
bow Neil Talbott str Jon Davies
Time: 11:56:51
An educational weekend. Top five lessons:

1) Do not sleep for < 4 hrs a night the week before a mountain marathon, or spend most of the previous two months injured.

2) Zip up rucksack properly before start.

3) On noticing a man catching a dry-bag rolling down a hill, do not laugh at his running partner for failing to do up his rucksack properly.

4) Do not wait to have climbed the next hill before noticing absence of aforementioned dry-bag, and therefore most overnight kit, from rucksack.

5) Supply JPD with caffeine only with extreme caution.

On the plus side, we had a pretty strong second day in awful weather, cunningly finished just outside the top three (meaning that we still have the option of doing the 'A' class again instead of 'Elite' next year), finished with < 1 kg of unused food (a record by some margin) and most remarkably were ready on on time on both days for the first time ever, which has to count as progress of sorts. (Neil T)

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