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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2012

3rd men's novice VIII (Plate)

Coxed by: Spence

1st round
Beat Queen's NM2 by 2 lengths
This race was fairly typical novice racing, the crew that messed up the least won.

The race began and FaT's better patience on the first three strokes had them up a few seats almost immediately, then both crews settled into a race rythm and Queens' began to slowly pull away, up the reach we had a few pushes, each one of which took a couple of seats, but Queens' higher cruising speed had them half a length up coming past the white house.

Queens' two man decided to even things up by catching a crab and stopping rowing for a few strokes, FaT pushed on to try to make up the distance, and even after Queens' two man had recovered make up some more distance, pulling it to dead level under the railway bridge, it looked like we had ourselves a close race on hand.

Then Queens' decided to crash into the inside of the railway bridge corner, giving us a large margin, we held onto this untill 5 strokes before the line when bow man's seat came off, but there was far to big a margin for Queen's to capitalise and we crossed in victory.

Well done to NM3 for their first win, I was very impressed with their pushes, every one of which took distance out of Queens'. (Jack)

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