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Cambridge Autumn Regatta, Summer 2012

Miscellaneous men's IVs (IM3 4+)

Miscellaneous men's IVs
bow Jack Mills 2 Steven Evans
3 Matthew Griffiths str Peter Ford

Coxed by: Sonya Milanova

Quarter finals
Lost to Hertford College, NRO
Having left the after-party less than 4 hours before getting to the boathouse for this race, this outing was one of the most unpleasant experiences I can remember, particularly on the interminable paddle back. I hadn't realised until we got back to the boathouse that this was Jack and Steven's first fours race, so perhaps we should have given them a few more pointers; more than one practice start certainly might have helped them!

Hertford took back our half length stagger in the first few strokes, but they only slowly moved through us in the next 250m. The fact we were still holding the rate in the 40s in order to keep up proved too much for a scratch four (apparently Hertford had been seen *training* on the Isis; definitely cheating!), and in the second half they moved out to a couple of lengths. We passed the static umpire (who turned out to be about 100m before the finish) and stopped rowing, then realised we hadn't finished and paddled over the line.

The most amusing part of the outing was probably being accused of behaving like a married couple; Matt and I have rowed together for long enough to know quite well what to bitch about in each other's rowing. (Peter)

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