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May Bumps 2012

6th men's VIII

Coxed by: Catherine Heygate

Rowed over
Even though our start wasn't optimal, it was still better than the one of the crews around us and we gained on Emma. However, during the search things got messy and we lost on Emma again. Just shortly after we had to hold it up, because Homerton apparently decided to cheer instead of clearing the river. Darwin seemed fairly far away when we stopped. It was decided that Queens and Emma get a rerow because they were close and that we, Darwin and Corpus get a technical row over. Bummer. It's especially annoying because Emma had apparently had a horrible start in the rerow and didn't manage to catch Queens (we so would have bumped them), so the last 5 boats will be in the same order tomorrow. Plan is: catch Emma before they catch Queens... (Steffen)
Bumped Emmanuel V
Manage to bump Emma very quickly as planned. Good work! But then also managed to hit the bank while holding up the boat after the bump, and damaged Richard Church. We're horribly sorry for that! (Steffen)
Bumped Robinson IV
Bumped. Before the motorway bridge. In Peter Brandt. Yeah! (Steffen)
Bumped Clare V
Yet another very quick race for us today. I think no race this week to longer than 1.5 minutes, including our annoying technical row-over on the first day. Motivated by an awesome fan-crowd (8 in total!), we were closing on Clare very quickly. They held us for a surprisingly long time when we were already getting continuous whistles. This was most certainly due to Orian's amazing tofu pasta and Guinness cake yesterday, which made Peter Brandt lie very low in the water. We still bumped them shortly after the motorway bridge. (Steffen)

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