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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2012

2nd men's VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Yining Nie

6th, 2nd M2
Time: 4:29
We went into this race with 2 subs, neither of whom had rowed sweep for a while, including our stroke man, who admitted to not feeling very well, and a cox who had only been with this crew for 1 outing before. The ice had also limited training for the days before the race, so there were plenty of reasons to be apprehensive.

We went quite well off the start, settling to our target rate of 32 and keeping things composed and committed. Towards the middle of the race some rush crept in and power dropped off. However, we picked it up again as we approached the end.

We came sixth overall and the second M2, 8 seconds behind Christ's. (It should however be noted that Caius were not racing.)

Despite the shortened course, I think this served as useful race experience. We need to work on keeping the composure and commitment throughout the race, and seeing how much higher we can push the rate. (Chris E.)

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