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Fairbairn Cup 2011

2nd women's VIII (Senior VIIIs)

Coxed by: Ellie Collins

23rd in College VIIIs
Time: 20:32
With four subs, a new stroke and all of fifty meters to get used to each other before the starting line, this was always going to be an _interesting_ race. We settled early into a fairly chunky 28 and kept it together reasonably well until the railway bridge where an overtaking maneuver by a chasing crew led to some panic down the boat, our wonderfully calm and composed cox excluded. A restart might have been useful here but you live and learn and we did eventually manage to retrieve some semblance of a rhythm. The remainder of the race is a blur to me (I'd succumbed almost completely to death grip) but I believe we took the rate up to the low 30's for the final push to the long looked for finishing line. Congratulations to the novice girls in the crew on their baptism of fire into the women's senior squad and on all involved for their marvelous caroling during the row home - most enjoyable. (KTJ)

1. W2(NW1)_3
2. W2(NW1)_2
3. W2(NW1)_1

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