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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2011

2nd women's novice VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Ellie Collins

42nd, 14th Excluding NW1s
Time: 13:47.1
For a crew that had never rowed together before, this was a great row. The girls were mostly together, mostly in time and kept the power consistent throughout. Anglia Ruskin's first boat were behind us and although they caught up, the girls pushed them away and made sure they couldn't overtake!

Special mentions to Rozi for not crabbing until the very first stroke after the finish, and to Penelope for learning to row just one day before the race. Well done girls, you should all be proud. (Rebecca)
Ooooowwwww :( And coxing from the 2-seat just isn't quite the same.

But it was definitely worth it, if purely for the comedy value of yesterday afternoon, which involved Alex and I coxing from the bow and stroke seats of the tub and ignoring Jack; me (unnecessarily) diagonally sculling said tub whilst Jack tried to climb over me to help Alex put her seat back on, thereby nearly capsizing it; Aaron chasing down animals, talking some non-rowing nonsense at me and then telling me off for laughing at what he was saying; and me pushing the hardest in the NM5 Coastal during "race pace" pieces. As fun as they were, three hours to learn to row probably wasn't enough.

As for today, aside from my general spannering about, nearly catching three crabs and apparently catching early as well as not having finishes, this was a good row for an essentially scratch crew! Well done Ellie for staying so patient and keeping us relaxed all the way through, and thank you for the "Push for Penelope". Also, "AAANGEEER!!!" seemed to be a good call for this crew.

We should, however, learn some Christmas carols in their entirety. And to roar properly. (Penelope)

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