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May Bumps 2011

The Grad VIII

Coxed by: Catherine Heygate

Rowed over
Although this crew initially claimed that if anybody became too keen, they would be kicked out of the boat - these Grads put in a committed effort for a strong row over. You guys had a nice loose start and stayed strong down the reach. No spoons for you!

On Thursday, let's see the same start, some stronger corners and a bump! (Allen)
Bumped by Homerton II
Re-row?! Get out of the damn way! Homerton II did have speed on us but it's fair to say we had a fighting chance of catching Sidney in our first race. Sadly, this race was cut short and our hopes dashed by a wayward crew from Christ's (or something) blocking the river. They seemed all to eager to offer their cox as a human sacrifice in a vain attempt to appease the vengeful and blood-thirsty gods of First and Third. The poor girl was almost disemboweled by the razor sharp bow of Titan, our merciless killing machine. The re-row saw us the middle of 3 boats, at a slight disadvantage. Homerton were quick off the start and despite being in a heavily armoured vessel replete with hefty artillery we were bumped before the Plough. Accordingly, there was a tangible air of awkwardness at the boathouse on our return as we mingled with said victors.

Let's go for a row-over tomorrow! (G.S.D. Gordon)
Bumped by Pembroke IV
Committed row from a ever-strengthening crew. Again, a good start and dealt with the outflow quite well. The crew set off hoping for a long race, but the pace was a bit too sustainable and Pembroke caught up in the gut.

We're starting under the motorway bridge tomorrow which means two things:
1) We'll be protected from the rain.
2) We'll have 0.1 seconds on the crews ahead/behind us because we're that much closer to the guns.

Bring on the last day of Bumps! (Allen)

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