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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2011

3rd men's VIII (3rd division)

Coxed by: Alasdair Routh

Quarter finals
Lost to Corpus Christi M1
Corpus had beaten us by 40 seconds in the race last week, winning the M3 division, so this was only going to go one way.

We rowed well and had a nice start but we were really no match for them - they pulled away to a little over a length over a couple of minutes and sat there.

The guys have made a massive improvement over the last week and hopefully gave Corpus a bit of a scare in the process. (Alasdair)
Plate final
Beat LMBC M3
This was the most exciting race I have ever been in, as rower or cox. For context, LMBC M3 are ahead of us in bumps, and beat us by 25 seconds last week.

Due to dubious marshalling we started off unready and a little behind, but we had a great start and gradually moved out to a couple of seats ahead.

Around the bend in the reach things got interesting - between the wind, the other cox and my perhaps overzealous dedication to the racing line the boats drifted together. We committed to the blade clash and crashed along together for 100 metres or so before breaking free. The guys handled it exceptionally, especially Josh who's feet apparently ended up above his head but managed to get himself strapped back before I'd even noticed.

LMBC were also well prepared and took a couple of seats back during the clash, but found themselves on the outside of the final corner and on the business end of our do or die push. I'm still not entirely sure how we did it, but we rowed through them in 20 or so strokes and pushed away to a length plus of clear water.

Phenomenal work guys, let's do it again in two weeks. (Alasdair)
This is amazing! Well done M3, I'm so proud! (Julia A.)

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