The Club's Results

May Term 2011

1st men's IV

Head of the Cam (1st division)

Time: 10:15
Yeah boys! A somewhat scrapy row, but the commitment and aggression was there. Always nice to comprehensively trounce another college, namely King's. (Gonzo)
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Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st Mays), 1st men's IVa

Time: 14:58
This was a loss due to science. Unfortunately, due to the massive preponderance of guns in this crew, we produced a significant heating effect in the river. This lowered the viscosity of the water, decreasing the drag for the following crew, which was M1a. This allowed them to beat us.

Alternatively, we should have put more energy into the shell than heating the river, and we may have gone a bit faster. Never mind. (Swords)
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Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st Mays), 1st men's IVb

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