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Cardinal's Regatta, Lent Term 2011

Mixed VIIIs (Fancy Dress)

Coxed by: Preeyan Parmar

1st round
Lost to Peterhouse by a seat
We actually had a coached practice outing for this race, risking disqualification for taking it too seriously. So we shook up the crew list on the morning of the race, which resulted in me coxing. Scary stuff.

Our chosen theme was 'formal rowing', and it was wonderfully executed, if it's normal to go to formal in lycra, a purple tie and red devil horns. The umpires didn't agree and no head start was awarded.

Peterhouse took several seats at the start, but after a concerted 'turbo push' from the rowers and dubious illegal steering from me we scared them off and began to gain. The finish came rather too soon, however, and it was a close call but Peterhouse had the upper hand. (Preeyan)

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