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Lent Term 2011

3rd men's VIII

Pembroke Regatta (2nd division)

1st round
Robinson M2 Scratched
Some say we are the gods of rowing, and that we exist on a diet of raw babies, and this put them off. All we know is that Robinson didn't show up. (Thomas)
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Lent Bumps

Rowed over
Some say our 5 man is the reincarnation of Mars, the god of war, and that our strokeman designed the outboard motor that provided our speed. All we know is that we rowed over.

Good moves away and a calm demonstration that we weren't going to let them get to us. Good row. (Thomas)
The colour of Tom O'Neill's face as they passed W2 in marshalling says a lot. Clearly an intense row over, and for such a highly placed M3, that is a good result. (Swords)
And passed M2 in marshalling, due to the CUCBeebies not having bothered to tell anyone they were a running more than a division late. (Peter)
Overbumped by Magdalene II
For most of the race we kept calm, but then it all went a bit Carry On. Never mind, on Friday we'll get them back with a Megastar Toyota-esque bunnyhopping overbump. (James)
Some say that if you crab in the M3 division as you pass under the railway bridge that you open a vortex in time and space, and that our Bow 3 were the first choice front row for the Varsity Match, all we know is that we got (over)bumped.

A bit complacent through the middle, allowing the speed and set of the boat to come off, when disaster struck, they were too close and it was quickly game over, just after the pink house. (Thomas)
We were aware that Magdalene II were 3 places behind us and Peterhouse II will get Selwyn II very quickly, so Magdalene will go for an overbump, especially considering our race performance against them in Pembroke Regatta. The plan was to keep this in mind from the very beginning and if we cannot bump ARU quickly, focus on keeping Magdalene well behind us. I felt, that we did a fair job in that , until that massive crab, of course, when we had no real chance of doing anything.

Still, I think it was encouraging that we did not give up immediately and stern 6 kept pushing relatively hard even with that crabbed blade floating in the water (part of this is that people in the stern didn't even know that we crabbed). The crab took at least 12-15 strokes to recover from - just enough for Magdalene to bump. (Ferenc)
Bumped by Churchill II
Although the results seem bad, we in fact allowed ourselves to be bumped today as a tactical decision. Having realised that our original goal of taking the overall headship arms only might be just out of reach, we carefully considered our options.
Viewing the chart further down, it can be seen that Hughes Hall didn't make a double overbump, overbump or even a bump today, and instead had to row the entire course without colliding with any terrified crews and ripping open their faces to devour their souls.
This will make them angry, so angry that if we had remained 6th in the division we would have almost certainly been triple overbumped by them tomorrow - instead this fate will befall Churchill, and we will cower triumphantly at the edge of the river as Hughes pass by. (James)
Some say that you can tell how hard our 4 man is working by the colour of his hair, and that our 6 man insists on applying purple make up before each race to make it look like he is working hard, all we know is that we got bumped.

A bit rabbit in the headlights, they were quick, and obviously out for the early bump, and by failing to respond we gave them the bump at first post corner. (Thomas)
Rowed over
Using the state of my lycra as an indicator, I'm pretty happy with today. It smells bad enough that I must have had a reasonable workout, but not as bad as if I'd been significantly scared of the crew behind us.
Good job guys - when we needed to push today we did, and we've held onto the M3 headship. (James)
Some say that M3 are the hardest substance known to mankind, and that our cox was stopped from rowing because she kept on showing up M1 on the ergs, all we know is that we rowed over.

A well executed race plan. Big 10s every 20 or so strokes until Clare were bumped by Trinity Hall. After giving some early ground, especially coming into first post corner we held them through the corner and into the gut, and by the time they were breathing down our necks again at Grassy, Trinity Hall were all over them.

It would have been nicer not to have been overbumped, but some row-overs under pressure ensured that we can walk away from bumps feeling proud that we committed when needed. (Thomas)

1. Off down Plough Reach
2. Exiting Grassy
3. Through Grassy

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