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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2010

2nd men's VIII (Student Novice VIIIs)

Coxed by: Alex Sault

14th in Men's Student Novice VIIIs
Time: 9:42
We made up in sheer determination for what we lacked in rowing ability.

Although we started off technically well (we were, arguably, gaining on the crew in front off the start), tiredness set in along plough reach, and we were left but nothing but power (albeit deployed in a sub-optimal manner) to get us through.

By the end, we weren't rowing as a crew, squaring early was a distant memory, and our blades were flying around in all directions (rarely in the same one as the man's in front), but we gave it our all right to the end.

Indeed, even as it fell apart (to the great amusement of Swords and Katie on the bank) in the final 500m wind, we were still grunting, roaring, and against all the odds attempting to drive the rate up.

A bloody good show, in my opinion. It must have been the jaffa cakes. (Saulty)
I saw the last 500m of this race, and I have rarely seen a crew who had blown quite so spectacularly, still hitting it quite so hard. It was pretty impressive. The thing which made it trancend the boundary between 'impressive' and 'hilarious' was Dom's grunting/groaning. I can't really emulate it here, but it was a very strange noise to hear from a human being.

All things having been said, I was reliably informed that M2 didn't even exist this term not long ago, so seeing as I imagine you've only recently been put together, that's a pretty decent showing. (Swords)
Roar. (Preeyan)

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