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Mich Term 2010

1st women's VIII

Cambridge Autumn Head (Senior VIIIs)

Obviously, this was not ideal. I could sit here and make excuses (we were overtaken on Ditton by a very quick CUWBC crew and this forced us wide/panicked us, not our fastest crew, only one outing etc. etc.) but that would be missing the point. We got beaten very soundly by a Downing VIII, which start 2nd in the Lents. If we want to retain the headship, or even perform similarly to last year in Fairbairn's we are going to have to row with more length, more composure, more control, and a metric shedload more pressure.

On the plus side, we have a large amount of time and hopefully this will give the girls and I the motivation required. (Swords)
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Cambridge Winter Head (Student Senior VIIIs)

6th in Women's Student Senior VIIIs
Time: 10:01
A decentish row. Feels like the power is there, and the recovery is largely fine, however it still feels like there are eight different people pushing the boat. With little or no crew pick-up, we had some fairly poor ratio for a lot of the course.

Having said that, First Post reach was solid, and we are far closer to the top crews now that we were at Autumn head. The crew is also very aware of the large changes which could have been made over that course, it is now simply a case of bringing a really chunky, aggressive racing rhythm out of paddling into the ratework (Swords)
It was a shame we couldn't transfer everything from the previous outing that had gone so well into this race. However, there were some good bits and we know there are improvements we can make. (Julia)

1. Middle three
2. Stern pair
3. Marshalling

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Fairbairn Cup (Senior VIIIs)

Time: 16:27
Thought we were a bit faster than that, race was decent enough though. Should have attacked the first half more. (Swords)
Certainly felt like people attacked the finish just need to attack the start in the same way. (Julia)

1. Julia

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