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Cambridge Autumn Regatta, Summer 2010

UB in a single scull (W Nov 1x)

Single sculls
Ulrike Bauer
Semi finals
Won by ca. 2 lengths
I have hardly ever sculled worse. However, my opposition was still worse than that, so I won despite about half a dozen crabs. (Ulrike)
Lost by a foot
A textbook example how bad nerves can screw up a race despite the fact that you are faster than your opposition.

I started. I got approximately to "lengthen". Then I crabbed.

I restarted. I kind of found my rythm (well, at something frantic like r34) and caught up. When I was level with my opposition I crashed into the bank.

I restarted. I put in a series of all-out pushes until I was level again. My opposition decided to steer into me so that I was wedged in between the bank on one side and overlapping blades on the other. I was, however, a tiny bit ahead at that time so that the overlap would *only* affect me if I crabbed. (This was about 100m to go to the finish.) I crabbed.

I restarted. By that time I was basically foaming with rage and consequently wound it up to approximately 38, which brought me almost level again on the finish line. Unfortunately only *almost*.

I would have liked to be a bit more successful in my last ever race as FaT. Ah well, at least I put up a good fight! (Ulrike)

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