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Peterborough Summer Regatta, Summer 2010

UB in a single scull (W.Nov 1x)

Single sculls
Ulrike Bauer
Time: 4:42
A race that's better quickly forgotten. I had tried the boat briefly a few days before but with different sculls that apparently had significantly slimmer collars. Unfortunately I only realised that the gates were much too tight once I'd pushed out. Quite understandably, neither I nor any of the folks around me on the way to the start happened to have a spanner on them...

The race was accordingly more than unpleasant. I had loosened the gates as much as I dared without risking them to come undone during the race but still had to wrench around the blades violently every stroke. Consequently my hands and forearms were totally cramped up halfway into the race and my technique accordingly screwed up. I haven't sculled that badly in a while!

Crashing into the buoys in regular intervals during the race didn't really help either... every time I caught up with my opponents again I found myself on one or the other side of the lane again. Given that the lanes in P'boro are actually quite wide I must have steered some impressive zig-zag!

Nevertheless I managed to push back several times and in the end I only missed out on the rep by 3 seconds. Which made the whole mess even more annoying! A glance at the results table showed that the first 3 boats in my heat were all within 6s, and the heat itself was about 30s faster than both other heats. (Ulrike)

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