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Wallingford Regatta, May Term 2010

The SuperFour (IM2 4+)

Coxed by: Natasha Menell

Won by a lot
Time: 7:08
The paddle up to the start was below our normally exceptional standard of rowing, but thankfully this meant we had plenty of good strokes left for the race. By the end of the first stroke it was clear that victory was assured, so we wound down to a lethargic 28. A cheeky push saw us raise the rate to 30, taking around 2 lengths of the field in the process. However, our 3 man decided that the margin was becoming inappropriately large so we settled back down and cruised home to the screams of the huge crowds following us, and Peter Ford. (Rich)
Beat Molesey's top four
Time: 6:55
We heard that Molesey had been training for this race for years, and had sent their top boat (with assorted Olympians) to reclaim the prized Coronation Challenge Cup. However, Natasha Menell's experience coxing novice tubs, and Miles' legendary victory at the St Edward's Red Nose Row Day 2005 inspired us to great deeds. Thus we prepared ourselves for a closely fought race. We leapt out of the start, losing two seats to Joe 'Monster-Start' Baddeley's Crew of Giants. This upset Strawson so we overtook them. By 1000m we were leading the field by around half a length, but knew that we would have to up our game to beat the LMBC steroid-fuelled brutes (in their trademark light four). Molesey pushed us hard towards the finish, but Sasha calmly refused to lift the rate or even break a sweat, content as he was to win by a comfortable 0.8s, time enough to get off the water, change and greet the runners-up at the landing stage.

We look forward to racing this combination again, hopefully against LMBC, and our arch-rivals Sidney Sussex. Let's see if their recent bold claims have any substance behind them - we are ready. (Rich)

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