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Lent Term 2010

Single sculls

2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Ladies), Ulrike

Time: 13:04
Not much to say. Clear testimonial of still being way too slow. This was partly due to being really inconsistent. I started behind Anna Railton who quickly faded into the distance (well... no surprise) and in front of a girl from Emmanuel who was more in my own league. Crashing under the Motorway bridge after only about 10 strokes didn't quite help. After pushing out and restarting I slowly made ground on the Emma girl, only to have her catch up again every time I did something stupid like catching a crab or taking a really appalling line. On the positive side, I had some of my best sculling strokes so far coming towards the railway bridge. In the end I lost by about 10s to the Emma girl and know that there's lots to work on before SBR. (Ulrike)
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