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Kingston Head, Lent Term 2010

1st men's VIII (Intermediate 2 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Natasha Menell

14th, 4th in IM2
Time: 15:58.2
After our stroke man caught the notorious 'broken rib' bug a week ago we have been forced to shake up our crew - we are now bow-rigged and every member has changed seats. However, the crew has responded well and we are beginning to learn to row a head race.
The race felt nice and committed but the rowing was too variable if we want to perform next weekend at HoRR. Rate fluctuated between 30 and 33 and we seemed surprised by the tailwind. We overtook one crew and were overtaken by a sharp KRC crew who eventually won IM2.
One week to go - as a new line up our rate of improvement is pleasingly quick. Morale is high and we're looking forward to getting our teeth into the Tideway. (Rich)

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