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Mich Term 2009

2nd women's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (2nd division)

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Clare Novice Regatta (Plate)

2nd round
Lost to Jesus II by 2 lengths
The crew had a really strong first start and took a good half length off Jesus. The rhythm seemed to settle nicely and all was going our way until there was a blade clash (combination of a very strong crosswind and some poor jesus steering). After some terrible carnage, the race was restarted for a second and then a third time, at various points down the reach.
It is to the crew's credit that they managed to hold it together so well in such bad conditions. We even started to overtake Jesus coming up to the railway bridge, until a massive crab caused the boat to veer sharply and crash under the bridge, at which point Jesus left us behind.

Sadly the result here doesn't really reflect the standard of the two crews...
We were undoubtedly the better crew, but as often happens in novice races, anything can happen on the day, and today just wasn't our day! (Alex)

1. ATBH before the race
2. Getting ready to pus...

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Novice Fairbairn Cup (2nd division)

35th, 11th NW2
Time: 12:33.3
The best rowing from a 2nd novice women's boat that I can remember. Even more impressive was the juggling from Jess L in the stroke seat by Chesterton footbridge where she took her blade entirely out of the gate, twirled it a few times, then re-inserted it, fastened the gate and continued. If only the 1st & 3rd crew that went to Royal Canadian Henley in 2000 had been so adept... (Neil T)
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