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Summer 2009

Mixed VIIIs

Michell Cup (College Boat Clubs), First and Third Trinity Boat Club

Second with 65.33 points
Magdalene ended up fairly comfortable winners, but the fact that we have come in the top two for the last four years, despite still having to defend high bumps positions, is an indicator of the current strength of the club. (BJ)
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Cambridge Autumn Regatta (CRA random Mixed VIIIs)

Lost by probably half a length, Nines don't seem to know or care...
It was somewhere between a third of a length to half a length down. Not a bad race, considering we were basically a scratch crew and the other boat had some massive people in it! (Cynthia)
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Cambridge Alumni Regatta (Open VIIIs), BPBC I

1st round
Lost by about a length
Time: 2:13
We were informed on the start line that the Fitz boat (containing a rather youthful looking bow pair in shiny new kit) were claiming Vet C status and we would therefore be having a 6s handicap applied to us. After appealing on the grounds that we were possibly Vet B, this was reduced to 4s. No allowance was made for us being a mixed crew.

After a rather long 4s, we set off in hot pursuit:
Attention ... Go ... Pause ... Check Stopwatch ... Pause ... Check Clipboard ... Pause ... Three ... Two ... One ... Go

Despite rating ridiculously high, we closed to around a length by the finish.
Fitz went on to win the whole thing, but our losing time of 2:13 meant we were 15s slower than Kings - the fastest losers of round 1 - and so we failed to progress to the semi-finals. (Matt)
Plate final
Lost by 2/3 length
We were talked into a scratch race vs Newnham, as they had no oppo, and were handed a 20s handicap off the start (presumably similar to what we would have had racing the Fitz Vet F crew).

A much better race (and more sustainable rating) than the first round saw us slowly close up and bump them under the railway bridge. Unfortunately in a regatta, we needed to cross the line first, and ran out of river before we could complete our overtaking manoeuvre. (Matt)
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