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Peterborough Summer Sprint, Summer 2009

Ulrike Bauer (Novice 1x)

Single sculls
in Muddy Waters
Ulrike Bauer
This was my first ever race in a single, so I had no idea how fast I was compared to the opposition. Consequently, I didn't expect to get anywhere further than the first round, and my sole aim was to reach the finish line without crashing or capsizing.
After a shakingly nervous start, I was so focused on this aim that I completely forgot to push. Only after I realized that I miraculously had been going for quite a while and still not fallen in, I dared to look around and was surprised that I could still see one of the opponents! At that point I finally remembered pushing but by then the 500m were pretty much over...
In conclusion, this was probably the worst sculling I've ever done but I still didn't capsize and didn't even come last, and so I took a massive boost of self-confidence back to Cambridge. And was only the slightest bit annoyed with myself knowing that I clearly could have done better... (Ulrike)

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