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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2008

1st men's novice VIII (Cup)

Coxed by: Alasdair Routh

2nd round
Beat St Edmunds (2/3 length)
We hadn't learnt a full racing start, so they took half a length within 15 strokes. We held them level until the railway bridge, not allowing them to push off and wearing them down. We kept a good rhythm and took long strokes as they tired and began to make mistakes. We brought it home with a huge push beginning just before the bridge, and rowed through them to a lead of roughly a length in the space of 25 strokes. (Alasdair)
3rd round
Lost to Wolfson (1 1/2 lengths)
Wolfson crabbed off the start, giving us a length's lead going down the reach. We held them off nicely for the first 400m, but then things fell apart. Numb hands in the cold weather led to a first crab, allowing them to draw back level. A second, boat-stopping crab just after the railway bridge caused us to swerve over to the wrong side, and we rowed the last 15 strokes behind them, never really regaining the rhythm.

There's a lot to be pleased about from this regatta. We showed that we could establish and sustain a solid, long rhythm in the first race, and were let down at least partially by inadequate kit in the second. If we can work on extending that performance from 3 minutes to 10, we can do very well on Thursday. (Alasdair)

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