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Peterborough Summer Sprint, Summer 2008

Super Pair (Senior2 2-)

Coxless pairs
bow Julijana Gjorgjieva str Charley Bates
Lost by an uncertain amount
Saturday: 1k

This was our first multi-lane straight-line regatta, and whilst the result didn't go quite to plan it was nevertheless a fantastic experience. The hugely unlucky combination of 13 practice outings and an unnamed boat was probably the source of such horrible racing conditions, giving us an interesting paddle up to the start. Having successfully negotiated the stake boat, our start was actually alright and we settled into an ok rhythm, if lower rating than we'd done in practice. However, the experience of the other crews started to show, as we hit a few waves and wobbles around the 500m mark they were out of vision and had been for some time. We managed to keep it together and successfully stayed in our lane (maybe getting a little friendly with the buoys at some points) thanks to some great steering from J, but the rowing wasn't nearly as good as some of the stuff we'd done the previous week and we came home about a length and a half behind the second-to-last crew. Annoyingly we might have beaten the AK pair that got a by straight to the final, but it was all good experience and definitely some positives to take into Sunday. (Charley)
Second (out of 3)
Time: 2:05
Sunday: 500m

This one seemed a lot more manageable after Saturday (especially since the longest piece we'd managed in training was about 600m). We planned to go off hard and keep it hard til the end, which we (almost) achieved. Again pretty crap conditions, with the wind and rain on and off throughout the day it obviously came back strongly for us. Our start was good, rated higher than yesterday and generally much better rowing - more controlled and a lot stronger with the mantra of "blades in, knees down, grip up" on a constant loop. Today we managed to keep just behind the leaders, and despite a wee diversion to check out lane 2 we were still (optimistically) in with a chance when we started our all-out last 20 push. However, with about 60m to go my blade got stuck in a wave and I caught my first crab in a race (ironically in what was probably my last for FaT), although we recovered quickly to finish a slightly less comfortable second. The whole weekend was great racing experience for both of us, and would highly recommend it to anyone hanging around next summer.

Massive thanks to John, Will, Philipp, Rich, Tom and JPD (and Neil for staying quiet!) for their invaluable coaching and encouragement - we've learnt a huge amount over the past 4 weeks even though we don't have a pot to prove it! (Charley)

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