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FaT vs BPBC Cricket Challenge, May Term 2008

The annual cricket match between First and Third and BPBC, staged at the Old Fields.
Sun 22nd June

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Lost by 4 wickets
I owe the whole of the Black Prince team an embarrassed and humiliated apology. Three overs, 35 [sic] balls and 58 runs sums up what was probably my worst sporting performance ever. In comparison, breaking down on the way home and having to sleep in the car was a minor inconvenience.

A batsman out of form is at least likely to be put out of his misery quickly, but for a bowler who has lost it there is no hiding place. The most frustrating aspect is that in the nets beforehand I was bowling well; after the match, even better. But for some reason, out in the middle, I couldn't land the ball within 15 yards of a good length. Three times I hit the ground just in front of my feet (one of which resulted in a headlong sprawl and a textbook hockey shot to the boundary by Jim Tanner), twice more (at least) the ball sailed over the batsman's head. Words of sympathy included comments about the strong wind and sticky ball, but these are just excuses, as Mike Goodson proved with an exceptional spell of 5 overs, 3 for 14 (8 of which came off his last two balls).

Earlier, Mike had won the toss for Black Prince and elected to bat. The start was inauspicious, with the alumni slipping to 19-4, mostly thanks to the bowling of Lorry Carr (who finished with tremendous figures of 3 for 7 from 4.2 overs). Thereafter, a partnership of 48 between Mike and myself laid the foundations for a respectable score. Mike scored much faster, his 34 coming off just 21 balls (including a remarkable run of 2-4-4-0-4-4-4), before he fell to Bryn Garrod, bowled off his pads. Further support was offered from Matt Byrne, Clive Ponsonby and Dan Walker, who shared in partnerships of 25, 11 and 17 before being bowled by Graham Sills, Adam Blacklay and Seb Pancratz respectively, and a score of 150+ looked possible, but I missed a straight one from Graham in the 21st over, giving Mike probably the easiest leg-before decision of his umpiring career, and thereafter the innings closed quickly. Nonetheless, 133 was certainly a competitive score in a match reduced to 25 overs per side by faff.

In reply, FaT scored very quickly, mostly through wides and no-balls from me, but also lost wickets, most importantly star batsman Graham Sills, Trinity centurion, who played around the only half-decent ball I managed all day and was bowled off an inside edge. Both Jim and Will Dean made useful contributions, and Chris Dunleavy might have done the same had he not been been the victim of a terrific catch by Dan Holland, but with Mike bowling superbly from the Adams Road end into a very strong breeze it was all to play for at 53-6. Richard Bullock and Dan Walker were introduced to the attack and bowled solidly, but Bryn and ringer John Darcy were ruthless and the scoreboard continued to move along swiftly, with neither offering a genuine chance until the match was as good as won. Bryn finished on 40 not out, Darcy on 43 not out, to give FaT victory by 4 wickets.

The man-of-the-match award went to Bryn for an excellent all-round performance, with Mike the BPBC nominee. The champagne moment was Graham's catch behind the stumps to dismiss Chris Harding; the Blue Nun equivalent was Matt Byrne's attempt when umpiring to give Bryn out lbw, when the ball was going to miss the stumps in at least two dimensions. Many thanks are due to Mike and Bryn for having organised the teams and logistics, to Lilie and Jo for having provided an excellent tea and to JPD et al for doing the scoring. Finally, huge congratulations to Graham and Bron Fisher, who married on Saturday in Trinity Chapel, and best wishes for the future from all of us. (Neil T)

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2. D'Arcy
3. Mike takes one down ...

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First and Third 1st XI

Won by 4 wickets
I apologise to everyone for my temporary sense of humour failure when given 'out' (and many thanks to Chris for retracting his team's appeal - perhaps he should captain England?) and to JPD2 for making him ineligible for the man-of-the-match award by asking him to play for the wrong side. (BJ)

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<h4>Official Scorecard</h4><p>Black Prince won the toss and decided to bat<br /> <br /> <b>Black Prince innings </b><br /> <pre><b>Batsman Runs Balls 4s 6s</b> C C S Ingram c &amp; b Carr 1 9 0 0 S J Blackburn run out 5 11 0 0 R Bullock b Carr 3 7 0 0 N A Talbott lbw b Sills 37 54 2 1 C I Harding c Sills b D'Arcy 4 7 0 0 M J Goodson b Garrod 34 21 6 0 M J Byrne b Sills 10 10 1 0 C W E Ponsonby b Blacklay 1 3 0 0 D Walker b Pancratz 5 12 0 0 T W Rose b Carr 0 3 0 0 D J Holland not out 5 5 1 0 Extras 2b 2lb 23w 1nb 28 TOTAL: all out, 23.2 overs 133 (overs completed) </pre><br /> Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Ingram, Blackburn 0*), 2-11 (Bullock, Blackburn 5*), 3-11 (Blackburn, Talbott 0*), 4-19 (Harding, Talbott 2*), 5-67 (Goodson, Talbott 7*), 6-92 (Byrne, Talbott 16*), 7-103 (Ponsonby, Talbott 18*), 8-120 (Talbott, Walker 4*), 9-123 (Walker, Rose 0*), 10-133 (Rose, Holland 5*) <br /> <pre><b> Bowler O M R W</b> J P D'Arcy 5 1 14 1 L Carr 4.2 1 7 3 J A Tanner 1 0 14 0 W J Dean 2 0 19 0 B J Garrod 3 0 15 1 S C Mertes 2 0 20 0 G Sills 3 0 13 2 A J I Blacklay 2 0 14 1 S F Pancratz 1 0 12 1 </pre><br /> <b>1st and 3rd innings</b><br /> <pre><b>Batsman Runs Balls 4s 6s</b> B J Garrod not out 40 35 6 0 F Gruessing b Talbott 0 1 0 0 C S Dunleavy c Holland b Goodson 3 2 0 0 G Sills b Talbott 1 4 0 0 J A Tanner c Rose b Talbott 11 6 1 0 W J Dean b Goodson 7 11 0 0 S C Mertes c Talbott b Goodson 2 8 1 0 J P D'Arcy not out 43 29 6 1 Extras 3b 2lb 12w 12nb 29 TOTAL: 6 wkts , 13.4 overs 136 Did not bat: A J I Blacklay, L Carr, S F Pancratz</pre><br /> Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Gruessing, Garrod 1*), 2-11 (Dunleavy, Garrod 3*), 3-13 (Sills, Garrod 3*), 4-41 (Tanner, Garrod 13*), 5-51 (Dean, Garrod 16*), 6-53 (Mertes, Garrod 16*) <br /> <pre><b> Bowler O M R W</b> N A Talbott 3 0 58 3 M J Goodson 5 1 14 3 R Bullock 3 0 28 0 D Walker 2 0 25 0 C C S Ingram 0.4 0 7 0</pre><br /> <br /> Man of the Match: B J Garrod<br /> <br /> <b>Black Prince: </b><br /> C C S Ingram (wkt), S J Blackburn, R Bullock, N A Talbott, C I Harding, M J Goodson (capt), M J Byrne, C W E Ponsonby, D Walker, T W Rose, D J Holland, A G R Summers, J McI Glass, R A W Dewire<br /> <br /> <b>1st &amp; 3rd:</b><br /> B J Garrod, F Gruessing, C S Dunleavy, G Sills (capt, wkt), J A Tanner, W J Dean, S C Mertes, J P D'Arcy, A J I Blacklay, L Carr, S F Pancratz</p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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