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May Term 2008

Double sculls

Lowe Double Sculls (Men's 2x)

Semi finals
Lost to Morris/Hopper by 2 seconds
Time: 7:20
I didn't intend to lose this race. But we didn't take as many strokes as them; game over. (Tom C)
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Lowe Double Sculls (Women's 2x)

Lost spectacularly to Borchers/Simpson
After reaching the final of the Women's Double Sculls with a grand total of 5 outings we were confident of victory against 2 blues boat rowers. When they turned up in their GBR registered boat and light blue stash, they were obviously no match for us in our red and blue stash rowing in Impala with wooden macons.

Rowing up to the start line we got confused about what race we had entered and went for the bump against a barge and saw our competitors going for the overbump after we had stopped. We had a good start, winding to about 22, and the calls for stroke side hard pressure came thick and fast.

A solid and powerful rhythm took us almost to the Plough, where Maggie supporters were watching. Our tendency to overcompensate for stroke side corners saw us parking opposite the Plough to give our supporters a chance to get a photo. Then we meandered leisurely around the outside of ditton, still confident of our ever increasing lead.

With only 500m to go down the reach a call from the bank to wind it up was heard, ignored, and we carried on as before. Knowing that the finish line was imminent we decided that holding on to the blades for the whole stroke and going in a straight line was for wimps. We zig-zagged the last stretch of the course to give our opponents a chance.

We were congratulated by the other side for our brave "attempt" at a race. We'll be back... (Liz)
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