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Foster Fairbairn Pairs, May Term 2008

Coxless pairs, FaT nth pair (Men's 2-)

Coxless pairs
in Hambleden
bow Peter Ford str John Kiely
1st round
Lost to Fletcher/Preiss by 20s
With nothing better to do at the moment, I noticed nothing at the time inspired either of us to write a race report, which seems a pity given the comical nature of the race.
The first kilometre seems to have mostly faded from my brain, which means it must have been quite uneventful; a good start was followed by a shock as turning round grassy was enacted in about 3 strokes. Somewhere along plough reach I was somewhat discouraged by the gentle tinkling noise of the footplate nuts falling off, and then a rather epic Ditton corner began. Sadly John chose the moment at which I no longer had a rudder (or in fact a way to push off my left foot) to mildly blow up and lose all power at the catch. In spite of Ming's crazed shouting, we nearly managed to land on the outside of the corner. Following the eventual straightening up onto the reach, we vaguely spannered our way towards the railway bridge, before John gave up at the moment Preiss finished and we drifted across the line.
On the whole, a working pair might have made the racing more comfortable, but once we'd drawn these two hope was slim. Ah well, hopefully next year I might manage to both not draw the winner in the first round of every competition I enter, and be in a position to make some kind of use of a more friendly draw. (Peter)
I didn't give up, I just got confused by hearing 'wind down' to the other boat. I think we generally rowed reasonably, and were beaten by a stronger crew, despite over-rating them by about 4. The only other positive I can think of is that when kristina gets round to it we'll become the only boat from sbr with photos.

6:41.2, rate 28. (John)

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