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Sparring against CULRC, Lent Term 2008

A series of variable length side by side races against the university lightweights
Sat 23rd February

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1st men's VIII, Cup

did ok
1) 500m off the start. They were a bit quicker in the first few strokes and went slightly ahead. Once we got going we had a bit more speed by being cleaner in the tailwind, stayed hard, and rowed through them after about a minute to win by half a length or so.

2) Middle 1000m. We clammed up for the headwind which was a good choice. They got a cheeky head start by winding up before the go. We exchanged a seat or two with our pushes, but no crew ever took a significant lead so we're calling it a dead heat.

3) Last 500m. Again they started ahad, and not much happened to start with. We began our wind for the line first and took about a quarter of a length before they responded and held us at that margin.

So we think we came off better, but they also reckon they did. Their start is a lot better than last year which is nice. I think we row a bit tidier and can rate higher, but their power advantage came to the rescue in the headwind.

It would've been more fun without the BA dinner hangover, but still a worthwhile morning which is a good exercise for next term's regattas. And go beat Oxford, yeah. (Tom C)
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