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Mich Term 2007

Single sculls

Cambridge Small Boats Head (Novice 1x), TDC in his single scull

5th fastest sculler, 1st of 15 in N 1x
Time: 11:21.1
Not very good. Had problems at the catch, especially on the left. I reckon the pitch is off, but incompetence is a more likely cause. The last couple of minutes were better, perhaps because I was angry after hitting a double who made no effort to get out the way and didn't even apologise. But... the steering wasn't bad, and yet again we won the category despite mediocre rowing. (Tom C)
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Cambridge Winter Head (Single Sculling Sprint Challenge), TDC in his single scull

Time: 3:59
Marcus Aurelius had a bank party when he raced, but it wasn't as good as this. I hope they aren't too disappointed by the result...

I thought it was much better than last time I raced (possibly because Iain fixed the pitches), I suppose I was a bit tired from the two earlier races. Still, as the time shows, I was more than twice as fast as the eight so I can't complain. (Tom C)
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Scullers Head (Novice 1x), SFP in his single scull

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