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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2007

A side by side knock out regatta along the reach over 1000m
Sun 27th May

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Mixed VIIIs, Mixed VIIIs

Semi finals
beat X-Press RC by 4l
Given the quality of our rowing down and practise starts I was actually concerned we might lose this one. We didn't. (Phil)
They turned out to be really bad at rowing - I couldn't be bothered to put much effort in, having done race pieces in Ely this morning, so we rowed over ~4 lengths in front at a leisurely 28. I was almost ashamed by how little effort I put in, but they were really bad..
Mike tells me I am doing really well, as this is both grammatically correct AND makes some sense, despite the fact that I am WASTED, largely due to the 20L of beer we won in this joke of a race. (Joff)
Beat Champion of the Thames RC easily
Level for the first 30secs, this might have been an intetresting race. Then I heard their cox call their rating - 36. We were cruising at about 28 so it was clear that we'd win. Sorry Lilly for the BANSAI push call near the end which resulted in a rhythm hi-jack by the boys. It wasn't pretty, but it was fun. (Phil)
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