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Head of the Charles, Mich Term 2005

A high profile head race upstream on the Charles River, Boston-Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
Sat 22nd - Sun 23rd October

The official results published by the organisers, Head of the Charles Regatta, can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

BPBC 1st men's VIII, Championship VIIIs

1. Now Jon's having a s...
2. Lightly does it with...
3. Much better

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BPBC 2nd men's VIII, Club VIIIs

50th of 51 Club VIIIs
Time: 18:50.8
Many thanks to Ken for subbing into the cox's seat at the (very) last minute. Shame we weren't quite as good as the blue boat.

Good start, winding up quite high before settling into a vaguely sustainable pace. Our lack of fitness started to show during the second mile and a couple of blade clashes, (mini-) crab from Clive and loose backstay at 2 didn't aid our efforts to row fast.

A decent solid row, but we probably should have gone a little faster.

I'm sure Graham will give a fuller account when he gets back. (Matt)

1. Still rowing in time...
2. Not long to go now
3. A Grassy-esque corne...

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BPBC 1st women's VIII, Club VIIIs

31st of 50 Club VIIIs
Time: 19:16.9
We finally managed to have an outing as the racing crew on the Friday afternoon in glorious sunshine under a cloudless sky. Unfortunately this was not to hold and the weather for the two days of racing was distinctly more grey, wet and windy, but luckily blowing with us rather than against us.

We had a good solid row which, as bow number 46, included being overtaken by 48 (47 had scratched) who then cut in front of us. Bron had nowhere to go (cue lots of shouting) as we were simultaneously in the process of overtaking 45. Who were themselves overtaking 44. We managed to overtake them both through the middle and get to Weeks Bridge first so Bron could have the line she wanted around the sharp bowside corner immediately after the bridge. 49 then closed in the final stage of the race, but emptying the tank ensured we didn't get overtaken.

All in all a very enjoyable race, except the overpowering fried dough smell half way down the course. Many thanks to everyone who has subbed during the training (especially Rich for trying to row like a girl ;-), everyone who lent us kit, Lizzie for her cox box, MIT for the equipment, Amy for agreeing to row at the last minute, everyone who let us stay on their floors and the boys for cheering very loudly. (Sarah)

1. She's finished now
2. Still drinking
3. Bron grabbing a quic...

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Cambridge weather: Saturday text
Sunday text

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