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Mich Term 2005

4th men's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (2nd division)

11th of 29, top D crew, 2nd of 6 4th VIIIs
Time: 13:34.8
the 4th men's crew were without a doubt the best performers of the night, from a selection of supposedly bad rowers we overcame all obsticles including falling off the seat and bad technique and the wlbcs screaming an inch and a half from your face (certaintly more scary than james scott) and pulled some fine performances, almost all p.b.'s and without a doubt we were the most absolutely exhausted team of the night a testimate to (almost) tireless effort and thoroughbread tenacity.

well done guys (M. Yarr)
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Clare Novice Regatta (Plate)

1st round
Bye (Robinson C scratched)
Our first race as FaT Novice Mens 4th VIII... will it all be as easy as this? (O. Jones)
2nd round
Beat LMBC E easily
This was the second LMBC crew we put out today, and in masterful style too. The result was never in doubt, despite Charlie P trying his hardest to break his seat. He probably just felt sorry for them.

From the bank, the row looked comfortable and solid. Timing was mostly together, and crabs were notable in their absence. A steady rhythm with little rushing saw our boys moving faster than the oppo from start to finish. There's more to come from this crew; given some decent opposition, there should be some really good racing on saturday. (Albert)
I think this quote from the Maggie website says a lot.... "Their second draw was against the formidable FaT 4th" - and didnt they just know it! (O. Jones)
Quarter finals
Lost to Fitz C by a length
Unfortunately not as victorious today as on Thursday, half a length behind for most of the second half of the race, but unfortunately couldn't muster that extra push to win it, at least partly due to 7's crabbing problems (really sorry about that guys!) (Andy)
A solid start and good rhythm saw us neck and neck with Fitz down the Reach, until we caught a couple of crabs which put us a length down. The second half of the race saw both Fitz and our boys gradually going slower and slower, to the point where Fitz were barely moving by the finish. Unfortunately, we were unable to capitalize on their mistakes. A little more mental toughness might have made all the difference, but at the end of the day congratulations are in order for the 4th men making it as far as the quarter finals. (Albert)

1. Go
2. Attention
3. Richard

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Novice Fairbairn Cup (2nd division)

29th Novice Men's Crew, 2nd of 7 4th Boats, 3rd in Division 2
Time: 11:41
Well done lads, excellent cornering around Chesterton Corner, just a shame we couldn't beat the thirds. The only fourth crew to beat us was Queens', but we spanked their third crew, so there has obviously mean some error in labelling. On a lihter note, we did beat 8 first crews!

By the way, Richard, I love the fact we had over 20 "push for 10"s over a 300 stroke race. (Andy)
Before the race, we couldn't make the call of who would go faster out of the 3rds and 4ths. At a push, I went for the 3rds but told the 4ths they could nail them... It was close.

Just as with the 3rds, I was seriously impressed with how these guys went today. It was easy to tell that everyone was giving it everything, and the fact that they finished one position behind the 3rds is a testament to their tenacity. The rowing got a bit messy in the last few hundred metres, but this was simply a product of unbridled hard work, and the guys never gave up.

The result shows '2nd NM4 boat' but it should probably read 1st NM4 boat. The only 4th crew to beat them were Queens 4ths, who were in fact the second fastest Queens crew - i.e. actually Queen's seconds. Well done guys!

Special mention should go to Richard Fenn for his epic steering. The man hugged every bend like Michael Schumacher, and fearlessly took the racing line to the limit at every opportunity. the marshal at Chesterton even commented on how sweet a line we took around the corner! (Albert)

1. Nearing the finish
2. Final push
3. Crossing the start line

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