The Club's Results

Mich Term 2005

2nd men's IV

Cambridge Autumn Head (Lower College IV+)

3rd of 6 lower college IV+, 54th overall
Time: 11:14
Not the prettiest or most comfortable row, but we got stuck in and gave it everything. Rowing in the College Lowers division we lost to Christ's only entry (who were 2 seconds slower than our 1st coxed IV - suspicious no?) and a Maggie crew who gave their "1st" IV a good whipping, so we were fairly pleased with our placing. (Phil)
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University IVs (2nd division)

Quarter finals
beat LMBC (Bailey) (16s)
For some reason Maggie have given all their crews names instead of numbers, but this was probably their 3rd coxed IV (1st and 2nd being in the upper division). Looking at the Autumn Head results we knew we shouldn't have too much trouble. From my seat we didn't seem to pull away much down First Post Reach, but by the time we got to the the Reach it was clear we were ahead, and despite Chris losing his seat for a while we still got a convincing victory. All in all we didn't go as fast as we could, but the row wasn't our worst and with a rest day before our next race we should get some real speed in the semi's. (Phil)
Semi finals
Lost to Jesus B (NRO)
A good start, and reasonable mid section meant that coming onto the Reach we were about level. Our wind might have put us slightly within distance, but then I put a spanner in the works by losing my seat, which then totally jammed at the back of the slide. I tried rowing without it for a while, but after meeting with limited success we soon crashed into the bank. Needless to say we were all gutted - a feeling not helped by the knowledge that Jesus went on to win the final. (Phil)
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