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Mich Term 2005

1st men's VIII

Cambridge Autumn Head (College VIIIs)

1st of 7 college VIIIs, 3rd overall
Time: 9:25
We nailed the first half of this race -- according to Henry's unofficial timing, we had taken 7 seconds off Jesus by Plough Reach. I think if half of our 20-strike wind hadn't taken place before the start line, we'd have taken even more!

Then we had a (minor) crab as we came around Ditton, and in literal terms we recovered from it quickly and admirably, getting things sorted within a couple of strokes. The minor hiccup, however, seemed to affect us far, far more than it should have. We failed to execute our planned "second start," which transformed into a run-of-the-mill push that fizzled out after a few strokes. As a result, we didn't attack the Reach nearly as aggressively as we should have. This showed in our time: having taken ~7 seconds in the first third of the race, we made up no further ground through the final two-thirds. Still a good result, and I think we've got a lot of speed left on the table. (James)
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Cambridge Winter Head (Senior VIIIs)

2nd overall, 2nd of 22 College VIIIs
Time: 8:20
Forget 2nd on the day of 130-some-odd VIII's -- we were 2nd of 2 in the race that mattered, and so have our work cut out for us over the next couple weeks. (James)
We rowed very hard, and earned our victory over the sporting colleges. Caius however have done 10 times as many outings as anyone else, and so are going to look very silly when they don't win Fairbairns. (Tom C)
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Fairbairn Cup (Senior VIIIs)

3rd College VIII, 5th Overall
Time: 15:01
I don't think anyone wrote this up at the time because we were all shocked by the result. This is how I remember it a year on...

Caius had beaten us by a massive 16 seconds in the winter head, so we'd been working very hard in the last couple of weeks. It felt like we'd moved on a lot, and we were rowing very well indeed for a mich term eight. It went a bit wrong in the last couple of days, with Florian getting ill, but Phil jumped in and the boat didn't feel much different.

Before the race, Henry gave us an inspiring pep talk, informing us that when Caius had beaten us they'd had a couple of subs in the boat: Kleinz and de Groot. After hearing this, we really thought we could beat them. In retrospect, I'm sure it was a lie, but a very good one.

The execution wasn't amazing, we didn't deal that well with the conditions, and the rate was a pip or two below our target. I personally rowed so badly that I couldn't face getting back into a boat the next term. But even so we didn't expect to lose by anything like as much.

Was it a disaster? I think that Caius were exceptionally strong, probably the fastest crew to race Fairbairns in the last 5 years at least. I think beating Black Prince almost for the first time was a great achievement. Who really gives a toss about these other colleges? (Tom C)

1. Ditton
2. Approaching Elizabet...
3. Bow 5 at the finish ...

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