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RTT Regatta, May Term 2005

Lilie (Blade Swapping)

Single sculls
in Stump
Lilie Weaver
This was definitely my achievement of the day. Possibly even of my time at Cambridge. For the benefit of anyone who's yet to attempt this: The 'easy' bit is getting both blades on the same side. It's then that you realise that you're pretty much screwed. Especially if, like me, you're too short to reach the gates on a good day, never mind a 'trying desperately not to fall in because both my blades are on the same side of the boat' day. Managed to get the loose blade hooked under the gate and over my leg, then attempted to undo the screw with my other foot. Some bastard had screwed them up properly tight thhough, so this failed. Resorted to kneeling up in the boat and achieved the gate unscrewing, then a stylish quick switch of blades so that the other one was now hooked under the gate got me halfway. The rest involved a bit less faff, and ultimately resulted in success, hooray :D (Lilie)

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