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RTT Regatta, May Term 2005

Eton Boy in his single scull (Open 1x)

Single sculls
Alex Summers
1st round
Beat Lilie Weaver
This was my first outing in Stump. As it was the first time I'd been out in a scull since Christmas, it didn't seem too bad a boat. Sadly, in an overenthusiastic attempt to get me to lose to a women and cause the invocation of Rule 15, Lilie had been given the Lola. As I was later to discover, its rig was a little unsettling, and Lilie was unable to produce the same tidy sculling she was later to display in her run to the final of the Plate. On the back of my most idle week in the last seven years, I was unwilling to expend too much energy, and paddled for most of the race, before practising a short wind to the line for the crowds. (Alex)
Quarter finals
Beat Rurik Jutting
Since Rurik had been training, I managed to get hold of the Lola for this race. It enabled me to get slightly ahead off the start and keep sufficient pressure on Rurik for him to catch as many mini-crabs as I did. He got fed up and we both paddled over the line, only for everyone on the bank to demand a re-row, with the time taken to get to the start line to be included in the race. With Rurik racing back on the wrong side of the river, while I took my time waiting for him to run into traffic, we decided to wait for an umpire to start us properly again.

This time Manu made me give Rurik a little more room, but luckily I'd started to get the hang of the Lola's unorthodox rig and managed to put down sufficient work to gradually pull away. Rurik again wound down and we both paddled over the line. I felt somewhat exhausted. (Alex)
Semi finals
Beat Sarah by 3 l
After a slight mishap at the start, I waited for Sarah to get going again, paddled alongside for a while and then wound for the line. Tom's plan to give me maximum opportunity to lose to a woman had finally been foiled. (Alex)
lost to Tom Dyson
Tom's superior technique, fitness and boat did for me here. He was a worthy winner in the battle of the Burgashells...

Thank you to Tom R for a most enjoyable day's racing. (Alex)

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