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Newnham Short Course, Lent Term 2005

A timed head race from the Little Bridge to the Railings (approx 1600m)
Sat 5th February

The official results published by the organisers, Newnham college boat club, can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a summary of the results of college crews and a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

3rd men's VIII, Lower VIIIs

2nd in lower VIIIs, fastest 3rd VIII
Time: 6:03
Our race plan was inconceivably complex but we were simple: mess. Only kidding (sorry 4th VIII report, couldn't resist).

The gents VIII, true to their name, was an VIII. There was, however, nothing gentlemanly and a lot manly about our race. Pulling like horny bisons on speed in mating season we dropped Maggie 3rds behind us like an extremely tall drunken man drops his glass when he picks it up with wet fingers - very easily and a long way.

(serious paragraph)
This race doubled our water time this term. Technique is sound. Lacking the mental and physical toughness that comes from training - we haven't done any. That will come. As will the blades.

Special mention goes to Dubya for coxing; a true gent. We shall be using his 'surge' call of '3...2...1...ENGAGE' no doubt in our rigorous training programme this term.

Nearly had terrible equipment failure in the race, luckily it happened on the row down. Stroke's collar came off (ladies - that's the bit screwed onto the 'blade' that stops it slipping through what's called a 'gate'). For the benefit of the other FaT VIIIs therefore who howled with laughter - IT WAS NOT A CRAB. Grrrrrrrrr.

Just think how many more race (reports) we have before the end of term. Reckon you'll read to the end of all of them?! (Dan Newton)
What a great result! Beaten only by Caius II who are about a division and a half ahead of us in bumps, and managing to beat Maggie III by a minute and a half (either they had a massive equipment failure, or they're just rubbish).

The race itself was solid and went off without any major incident (a pretty rare thing for me). Got a good, chunky rhythm down 1st post reach which set us up well. Unfortunately it went a little soggy in the Gut but we were able to pick it up a little after Grassy and kept up a reasonable pace through to the finish, although our planned sprint from Grassy never really materialised. We could probably rate a little higher in the future and be a little more committed throughout, but, all in all, a good start to the term. (Phil)
And looks like you beat a host of 1st VIIIs as well, including Trinity Hall, starting 4th overall! (Richard)
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4th men's VIII, Lower VIIIs

7th of 16 in lower VIIIs, fastest 4th VIII
Time: 6:33
Out race plan was simple: push in and out of corners, and down the straights. We set off well, closing quickly on Caius and losing sight of Queen's (chasing) from the Gut onwards. The power dropped a bit round Grassy corner, and never quite picked up - we were held off all the way down the Plow Reach. But we pushed out of Ditton, and took them down the outside of the reach. They steered the same way, and bowside had a bit of a rough time - but we just got our nose in front for the line.

All in all it was pretty satisfying to overtake, given the start they had, and the row was pretty solid. We somehow sat the thing, and timing was good - if at a slowish rate. If we can keep the power high throughout, and lift the rating a little, I reckon we'll be doing well. (Alex)
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2nd women's VIII, Lower VIIIs

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5th men's VIII, Lower VIIIs

15th in lower VIIIs, fastest 5th VIII
Time: 7:36
Like the other mens' boats we too had a plan, though ours was much much simpler - keep it clean and get to the finish without anything dodgy happening - something which we did pretty well considering we were a scratch crew. Good race overall and we beat Maggie, which if I learnt anything during my novice term, is that that's the main priority :) (Sam)
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3rd women's VIII, Lower VIIIs

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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Men's VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b> Position Division Crew Time</b> 1 1 Senior Caius I 5.35 2 2 Senior Robinson I 5.40 3 1 Lower Caius II 5.42 4 3 Senior Peterhouse I 6.03 <b>5 2 Lower FaT III 6.03</b> 6 4 Senior Girton I 6.05 7 3 Lower Pembroke II 6.05 8 4 Lower Jesus II 6.11 9 5 Senior Corpus I 6.12 10 5 Lower Selwyn II 6.12 11 6 Senior Homerton I 6.14 12 7 Senior Sidney Sussex I 6.14 13 8 Senior St Edmunds I 6.20 14 9 Senior Trinity Hall I 6.30 15 6 Lower Caius III 6.33 <b>16 7 Lower FaT IV 6.33</b> 17 8 Lower Selwyn III 6.39 18 9 Lower Queens III 6.42 19 10 Lower Emmanuel III 6.49 20 11 Lower Queens IV 6.51 21 12 Lower Sidney Sussex II 7.05 22 13 Lower Caius IV 7.22 23 14 Lower LMBC III 7.35 <b>24 15 Lower FaT V 7.36</b> 25 16 Lower LMBC IV 7.41</pre></p><h4>Women's VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b> Position Division Crew Time</b> 1 1 Senior Jesus I 6.34 2 2 Senior Newnham I 6.39 3 3 Senior Caius I 6.43 4 4 Senior Churchill I 6.46 5 5 Senior Catz I 6.50 6 6 Senior Emmanuel I 6.52 7 1 Lower Jesus II 6.56 8 7 Senior Selwyn I 6.58 9 8 Senior Kings I 6.59 10 2 Lower Newnham II 7.02 11 9 Senior Darwin I 7.04 12 10 Senior Girton I 7.04 13 11 Senior New Hall I 7.04 14 3 Lower Pembroke II 7.04 15 4 Lower LMBC II 7.09 16 5 Lower Caius II 7.11 17 12 Senior Clare Hall I 7.16 18 6 Lower Homerton II 7.16 <b>19 7 Lower FaT II 7.18</b> 20 8 Lower New Hall II 7.19 21 9 Lower Churchill II 7.21 22 10 Lower Lucy Cavendish II 7.27 23 11 Lower Newnham III 7.28 24 12 Lower St Catz II 7.29 25 13 Lower Selwyn II 7.40 26 14 Lower Jesus III 7.50 27 15 Lower Newnham IV 7.51 <b>28 16 Lower FaT III 8.08</b> 29 17 Lower Newnham V 8.10 30 18 Lower LMBC III 8.13</pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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