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Drumps, Lent Term 2005

The lightweights, The Unique Elite (Fully-International!) Lightweight Second Men's Drumps Crew

2nd men's VIII
bow Peter Cui 2 Tomasz Mantyk
3 Unknown 4 Tom Macura
5 Shuo Zou 6 R. Khalaf
7 Sam Zhang str Tudor Dimofte
Rowed over
Did we really end up second? A technical row-over/bump perhaps? I mean, we *should* have been second, and would have been at the bridge had an honest and devoted 5-man not decided to run back to the penultimate (?) station after forgetting to drink. (As always, our technique was almost impeccable....)

Really wish I hadn't crabbed/cramped out and been rendered unable to run near the end. Probably caused by my over-training right before the race with a double helping of Sainsbury's mac and cheese.

Our German 3-man sub had a lovely time, and especially enjoyed formal afterward and the newly discovered tradition of pennying. He plans to bring several pennies back to his university, to teach the other Germans how to save the Queen. (Tudor)

1. Second Men, Pre-Drumps
2. Told to move on afte...
3. At the finish

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