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FaT/LMBC Punting Regatta, May Term 2004

Women's 2nd May VIII Punters (Women's Punters)

Beat LMBC 2nd Women's Punt (2 lengths)
Some underhand cheating by one of the Maggie "women" [sam, trying to grab our punt pole] resulted in him accidently tipping his own punter in, leaving us with the free run of the course. However, in true sporting style we waited for the rescue attempt, and resumed when they had sorted themselves out and caught up. The division had to be paused again halfway down the "reach", as Maggie tried to run down some tiny, innocent, defenceless ducklings. Much squealing and 'ooooh they're soo cute!' later, we got going again. FaT were first under Kitchen bridge, But an excellenct spinning technique by maggie saw them take the lead. It was pretty evenly matched down the home straight, but another desperate cheating manouevre [trying to pull themsleves along the bank] saw the Red Scum lose their paddle - which apparently makes quite a contribution to the speed of the punt. We stormed ahead and pulled out a victory from the brink of defeat. Ra Ra 1st&3rd! (*Yea* we did)

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