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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls, Lent Term 2004

A timed single sculling race over a course from Little Bridge to Peter's Posts, run by First and Third.
Tue 9th March

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DJH in his single scull, 1st division

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Pia Schaefer in her single scull, Ladies' Shell

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Andrew Lea-Cox in Stump, Shell

11th Men's Shell
Time: 11:38
Well, not my best race ever, but substantially better than last year, even though i've only been in a scull 2 or 3 times since then. I took the scenic route round most of the corners and had a close encounter with the jetty-thing in the gut, but otherwise it felt quite good. (Rupert the Bear)
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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Men's Shell Division</h4><p><pre> <b>1. Edward Richardson Downing 10:04</b> 2. Tom Radcliffe Downing 10:46 3. Aidan Roberson Pembroke 10:55 4. Stephen Benjamin Jesus 11:09 5. Dmitri Petrov Peterhouse 11:10 6. Jack Lawlor-Anderson Trinity Hall 11:17 7. Dan Eves Christ's 11:23 8. Alistair Moss Christ's 11:24 9. Arthur Darby Christ's 11:30 10. Paul Wilkins Pembroke 11:34 <b>11. Andrew Lea-Cox 1st &amp; 3rd 11:38</b> 12. Stephen Hall Christ's 11:41 13. Mark Hancock King's 11:53 14. Emmanuel Moll Peterhouse 12:17 15. Richard Ridgeway Christ's 12:22 16. Khartik Tadinada Christ's 12:32 17. Alex Rossdeutch Christ's 12:58 18. David Askew Peterhouse 13:00 19. Matthew Peet Wolfson 13:03 20. Tom Sutherland Fitzwilliam 13:45 21. Mark Salji Pembroke 14:31 Alex Collins Peterhouse DNS <b>Dan Holland 1st &amp; 3rd DNS</b> </pre></p><h4>Ladies' Shell Division</h4><p><pre> <b>1. Mathilde Pauls St. Catharine's 11:09</b> 2. Katya Lange Pembroke 12:04 3. Katie Davidson Caius 12:18 4. Susie Herbert Downing 12:24 5. Bridget Senior Clare 12:26 6. Emma Mitchell St. Catharine's 12:34 7. Jen Wainer Downing 13:18 <b>Pia Schaefer 1st &amp; 3rd DNS</b> </pre></p><h4>Men's Clinker Division</h4><p><pre> <b>1. Chris Braithwaite King's 12:23</b> 2. Andy Rankin Emmanuel 12:30 3. Peter Davidson Christ's 13:30 </pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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